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U.S. Immigration Work Permit Lawyers

Immigration lawyers in Colorado.
The process of obtaining a temporary or permanent work permit is complex. The requirements and qualifications vary on a case-by-case basis. If you’re looking to work in the U.S. but are unsure how to start the process, our team of immigration attorneys is here to help. We want to guide you through the process, help you obtain a work permit, and start your next chapter of working and living in the United States.

Our Work Permit Services:

The attorneys at Barringer Law Firm specialize in immigration law and help individuals to obtain work permits. Our work permit services include help with temporary nonimmigrant visas and permanent immigration workers. You can rely on our expertise to help you navigate the work permit application process to obtain a permit to work in the United States.


Temporary Nonimmigrant Visa

  • The H-1B visa applies to individuals with specialty occupations, services of merit, or the ability to contribute to Department of Defense (DOD) research and development projects.
  • Individuals can acquire a L-1A or L-1B visa when an employer files a petition to obtain authorization for qualified employees to work and live in the United States.
  • The O-1 nonimmigrant visa is for an individual who possesses extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, athletics, etc. In addition, the individual has been recognized nationally or internationally for their achievements.
  • The TN Visa is a unique visa for citizens of Canada or Mexico to temporarily immigrate to the U.S. to pursue business or professional work under The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Permanent Immigrant Workers

E Visas

The E category includes treaty traders, treaty investors, nonimmigrant employees, and Australian specialty occupation workers.

  • The E-1 Visa classification is for a nonimmigrant treaty trader.
  • The E-2 Visa classification is for a nonimmigrant treaty investor.
  • The E-3 Visa classification applies only to nationals of Australia.

Work Permit Requirements

Understanding the categories, requirements, and qualifications is essential to secure a work permit. These are often assessed on a case-by-case basis. Here are a few examples:

H-1B Visa

  • Attainment of a bachelor’s or higher-level degree in the specific specialty
  • Hold a foreign degree that is equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s or higher-level degree
  • Hold an unrestricted state license, registration, or certification that authorizes an individual to practice the specialty occupation fully

L Visas

  • The L-1A visa is for intracompany transferees who work in managerial or executive positions in a company that is located outside of the United States
  • The L-1B visa is for intracompany transferees who work in positions requiring specialized knowledge

O Visas

  • For an individual to qualify for an O-1 visa, an individual must demonstrate extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or television industry
  • To qualify for an O-2 visa, an individual must demonstrate and play an integral part in an O-1 visa holder’s performance.

TN Visa

  • Individual must be a citizen of Canada or Mexico
  • The position or occupation in the U.S. requires a NAFTA professional
  • The individual’s profession qualifies under the regulations
  • The individual has a full-time or part-time job with a U.S. employer

E Visas (E-1, E-2, E-3)


  • To qualify for an E-1 visa, an individual must be a national of a country with which the United States maintains a treaty of commerce, an international agreement, or has been deemed a qualifying country by legislation
  • Categories may include: goods, services, insurance, international banking, transportation, tourism, technology, and more


  • Similar to an E-1, an individual must be a national of a country with which the United States maintains a treaty of commerce.
  • The individual has invested or actively investing in an enterprise in the United States
  • The individual is seeking to develop and direct the investment enterprise. Further, the individual must show proof of 50% ownership or possession of the enterprise.


  • The individual must be a national of Australia
  • Have a legitimate offer of employment in the U.S.
  • Possess the necessary academic or qualifying credentials

Work Permit Lawyers in Denver, Colorado

There are multiple factors at play throughout the work permit process that can affect your eligibility. Each work permit requires a distinct form to submit and will include a formal interview process. At Barringer Law Firm, our team of immigration attorneys can help inform and advise you through each step of that process and give you the resources to obtain a work permit in the United States.


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