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Family Lawyers in Colorado

Family lawyers in Denver, Colorado.

At Barringer Law Firm, we know one of the hardest problems to face when going through a divorce or separation, is the possibility of losing custody of your children. Our Colorado family law attorneys will be there for you, providing aggressive representation to protect your parental rights in court.

Types of Family Law

Our family law attorneys handle all aspects of a divorce or separation where children are involved. You can count on us to fight for your rights regarding


    Child Custody determines the amount of time your child will live with you. Our child custody lawyers have the experience necessary to reach a fair agreement for you and your family.

  • Child Support:

    Child support is an agreement on the amount of money your partner needs to pay you to support your child’s needs. Our child support lawyers will help you navigate those discussions and land on a fair and equitable agreement.

  • Alimony:

    Following a divorce, the separation of finances may prevent one partner from supporting their lifestyle. Alimony is an agreed-upon amount of money your partner needs to pay to maintain your financial position and lifestyle. Our experienced family law and alimony attorneys will ensure that the agreement is fair.


    This relates to how shared finances will be separated. Division of Assets & Debts can lead to alimony or maintenance payments. Our family law attorneys will work with you to reach an agreeable solution when separating finances.


    Parental Rights include any other factors relating to your future with your children. Our Colorado family law attorneys are here to provide you with the support you need and protect your rights as a parent.

  • Divorce:

    Official separation proceedings in addition to childcare decisions. Our family law attorneys have handled all aspects of divorce including: parenting time (also known as “custody”), child support, division of marital assets and maintenance(also known as “alimony”).

Contact Our Family Lawyers in Denver, Colorado

You don’t have to navigate family law issues on your own. Reach out to Denver’s family law firm. Once we have met with you and gotten the facts of your marriage, we can formulate a strategy to fight for your rights in court. Schedule a consultation with the Denver family lawyers at Barringer Law Firm.We will help you through the mediation, settlement, and any necessary legal proceedings to protect the safety and future of you and your family.


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