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Bail Bond Lawyers in Denver

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If someone you love has been arrested and detained, bail bonds can be used to get them released while their matter is pending before the court. Bail bonds can be essential for allowing a defendant to return to work or daily life matters while they fight for their case. Our bail bond lawyers in Denver can help you acquire more affordable bail bonds and get the defendant released from custody.

Why Is It Important to Get a Bail Bond

Acquiring a bail bond is very important, as it allows the defendant to defend their case outside of jail and attend to their everyday demands, such as work, school, childcare, or paying bills.

Once a bail bond is paid and the defendant is released, it becomes much easier for them to work with a lawyer to figure out how to fight their case in court.

It is important to note that a bail bond also serves as a guarantee to the court that the defendant, once released from custody, will return for all necessary court hearings and participate fully in the legal process associated with their case.

Who Can Acquire a Bail Bond?

Bail bonds can be acquired by a third party to the defendant, such as a parent, spouse, or friend. The person in custody is not able to procure a bond for themselves.

The Bail Bond Process

The process of acquiring a bail bond can be handled in a few different ways:

Pay the Bond Yourself

If you have the means to pay a bond in full yourself, you will typically get this money back from the court in full within two weeks after posting bail. There may be court administrative fees associated with the bond that will not be refunded, but most of the money will be returned to you following full payment of the bond.

Pay a Bail Bondsman

If you do not have the means to pay the bond yourself, a bail bondsman can help by providing those funds in exchange for a fee (usually 10%-15%). This bail bond fee is not refunded. By using a bail bond agent, you are essentially renting their money to get your loved one released and will not be getting any of that money back.

The bond dealer will pay the court in full once they receive payment of your fee.

Contact a Bail Bond Lawyer

Bonds are set at different amounts depending on the situation. Bail bond lawyers can help you with the bail process and navigate that conversation. Our team of bail bond lawyers will argue with the courts for the least amount of bond possible, making it more affordable for you to acquire the bond and get your loved one released on bail.

Do you need help getting a bail bond for a loved one? Talk to our lawyers today – we can help.


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