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DUI Defense Lawyers

Police cars pulling someone over for a DUI.
If you have been charged with a DWAI or DUI, the criminal court process is extensive, and you can run the risk of going to jail. However, with the help of a knowledgeable DUI defense lawyer, you can feel confident knowing someone is fighting to protect your rights to get you the best possible outcome.

What Is The Legal Limit to Drive in Colorado?

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be harmful to yourself, but it can also endanger the lives of those in the community. It is a serious crime in Colorado, and the punishments are strict, so you should find an expert criminal defense lawyer. If convicted, you may face both criminal and administrative penalties, so it’s important to understand the Colorado legal limit.

  • The legal limit for driving while ability impaired (DWAI) under the influence is .05%
  • The legal limit for driving under the influence (DUI) is .08%
  • Driving while smoking marijuana is illegal

DUI Sentencing & Penalties: Do you go to jail for a DUI in Colorado?

Once charged with a DUI, two separate types of cases coincide resulting in criminal penalties and administrative penalties. The criminal court case can result in criminal penalties including fines, court fees, jail time, public service, and required alcohol education and treatment. Colorado’s Department of Revenue or DMV impose administrative penalties that may include the suspension or revocation of your license or points added to your record.

The overall outcome of criminal and administrative penalties in Colorado is dependent on your blood alcohol content (BAC) or breathalyzer tests and the underlying circumstances related to your DUI charge. Penalties become more severe with repeat offenses. Here are a few examples of how a judge may rule:

  • License suspension from the DMV
  • Potential incarceration
  • Mandatory probation period
  • Community service
  • Large fines
  • Mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device (IID)

Trusted DUI Defense Attorneys

The criminal court process can be challenging and overwhelming when facing a DUI or DWAI conviction. Our team of DUI attorneys can help you navigate the court system after a DUI charge and build a solid defense. At Barringer Law Firm, we want to help you through the process and fight to get you the best results. If you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI, contact one of our trusted DUI attorneys in Denver to learn more about how we can help.


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