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Domestic Violence Lawyers

A person looking hopefully into the light after domestic violence charges.
At Barringer Law Firm, we understand that relationships are complex, and navigating a domestic violence charge can be challenging. Domestic violence is an escalation of events that stems from controlling behavior and transitions into an actionable threat. It doesn’t have to be physical to be considered domestic violence against a current or former spouse or significant other. Our domestic violence lawyers are here to help you navigate your options and achieve the best possible outcome in court.

Domestic Violence Laws & Charges

A domestic violence charge is not a stand-alone criminal charge. It functions as a sentence enhancer for crimes such as assault or harassment. The domestic violence charge adds additional charges to those crimes because they were committed against an intimate partner.

Domestic Violence Laws

  • Colorado is a mandatory arrest state. Police must arrest anyone with probable cause to have committed domestic violence.
  • Domestic violence can include harm to pets and property.
  • A mandatory protection order is established, and the defendant must avoid the accuser.
  • Fines and length of sentence will depend on the underlying charge.
  • Domestic violence defendants must not possess firearms while a restraining order is against them. They must surrender their guns to law enforcement, an arms dealer, or a private party.
  • A domestic violence charge is deportable.
  • If an individual is convicted of domestic violence, they have to conduct a domestic violence evaluation and comply with any treatment the evaluation recommends.
  • Colorado has a habitual criminal statute that enhances a misdemeanor domestic violence charge up to a Class 5 Felony charge if an individual has up to three prior domestic violence convictions.

Our Domestic Violence Services & How We Can Help

While each domestic violence case will depend on the underlying circumstances, our team of domestic violence lawyers will help you through the challenging process. We understand the hardships that relationships can have and want to help alleviate the stress of the situation by providing an expert perspective. Talk to one of our domestic violence lawyers in Denver today!